What happens after the project finishes?

We envisage 20 locations using the ASSIST CKD intervention by October 2018 which is a great achievement and with some sites having over two years experience of using the software. We have gained invaluable spread and sustainability experience from national, network and individual sites’ perspectives.

We are keen to ensure that each location ‘owns’ the ASSIST-CKD approach and can adapt it for their own needs and context which will support overall durability after 2018 – the team are grateful to everyone for their continued support and commitment.

See a recent poster at the 2018 UK Kidney Week in Harrogate by the team at Wirral describing their experiences with the ASSIST-CKD QI programme.

Do let us know if you have presented a poster, given a talk or published anything about your experiences and look out for our ASSIST-CKD Newsbite next week.