To ensure sustainability of the ASSIST-CKD project it is time to consider and plan your software support from November 1st 2018.

We very much want to avoid an ‘orphan’ software product.

The overall consensus at last year’s CPD event in Birmingham was that ongoing running and support costs were not seen as a problem and that the preferred approach was to embed IT and software costs into the overall lab budget.

There is also potential to investigate funding from either CCGs/commissioners or from research/audit funding to cover any required software support training costs.

We suggest that all participating sites should consider the following options which can be explored with our Project Manager over the telephone in the next few weeks:

  • Set up a support contract with our ASSIST-CKD software developers, giving you scope for bespoke features, bug fixes, UI improvements, software patches, future releases and more.
  • Use your own internal IT team to support ASSIST-CKD (currently v4.4.3). This would cover the day to running of this application however, it would not include software patches nor updates. If you proceed with this option then a shelf-life could not be guaranteed as ASSIST-CKD relies on third parties such as MS SQL and your Windows operating system. Software patches form part of every software product (provided by the software developer), you’d not get these from internal IT support.
  • Support from another external contracted supplier. This is certainly achievable however you will need to allocate sufficient time and funding for any software developers to review source code and get an understanding of this application.

Please do come back to  Lesley with any initial thoughts, ideas or feedback on these options.

A quick note – our team is aware of several small usability updates, suggested improvements and software patches linked to version 4.4.3. Rest assured these have not been ignored or forgotten, we will be reviewing them as soon as funding permits.